Rabbit Muscle Acetone Powder

Skeletal muscle is collected from young healthy rabbits (New Zealand White or Californian, 8 – 12 weeks of age, either sex and fasted) within 6 hours of slaughter and frozen at or below -10°C.

The muscle tissue is further processed using a combination of standard industry protocols with in-house modifications. This product has been reported to be useful in the purification of actin.

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  • Application: Drug Development, Protein Purification
  • Storage Conditions: -20°C or below
  • Shipping Conditions: Dry ice
  • Tissue Type: Muscle
  • Species: Rabbit
  • Application Notes: Reportedly useful for protein purification such as actin, myosin, and troponin.
  • Guarantee: Product quality is guaranteed to meet Pel-Freez Biologicals’ specifications for 1 year from the date of receipt by the customer as long as the product is stored in accordance with the indicated storage conditions
  • Testing: Moisture: Report result
  • Packaging: Glass jars
  • Donor Sex: Mixed
  • Product Types: Acetone Powder
Human Skeletal Muscle Acetone Powder

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