Sampling Tube


To set up a GDH-3 air sample tube for simultaneous determination of twelve kinds of chlorobenzene (CB) compounds in workplace air by gas chromatography. And to set a matching determination method.


In October 2020, workplace airborne vapor and aerosol CBs were collected with a GDH-3 air sampling tube, desorbed, and eluted with 3.00 mL of toluene for 15 min, then the solution was separated with a DB-23 capillary column and finally detected. with a microcell electron capture detector.


The quantitative determination ranges of twelve CBs isomers were 0.71×10(-3)-2000.00 mg/L, with the correlative coefficients being 0.99967-0.99998. The minimum detectable concentrations were 0.04-112.63 μg/m(3), and the minimum quantification concentrations were 0.14-375.42 μg/m(3) (15.00 L of sample, 3.00 ml of sample solution). Average elution efficiencies were 96.00%-104.00%. The within-run relative standard deviations (RSDs) were 2.54-6.12%, and the between-run RSDs were 3.85-7.87%. Sealed samples may remain stable at room temperature for at least 15 days.


The GDH-3 air sample tube can be used for the simultaneous determination of twelve types of CB in workplace air by gas chromatography. The established supporting measurement method meets the measurement requirements of the occupational health standard detection method and is suitable for the simultaneous determination of 12 kinds of airborne CBS.

Keywords: Air; air sample tube; Chlorobenzene compound.

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