Wash Buffer WB1


Thermo Scientific GeneJET WB1 Wash Buffer (Concentrate) is a component of several GeneJET nucleic acid purification kits and can be purchased separately. It is presented in aliquots of 40 mL. Consult kit protocols to confirm catalogue numbers to reorder the appropriate kit-specific components.


Wash buffer: Shock absorbers


Wash buffer WB1, 40 ml, concentrated, colourless, solution, wash buffer, density 0.86 g / cm3, used for DNA extraction

Smell: Lavatory

Physical state: Solution

Quantity: 40 ml

To use with

DNA and RNA purification and analysis, DNA extraction, genomic DNA purification, gDNA from blood (medium scale, 100μL-1mL)

Formulation: Solution

Density: 0.86 g / cm3

Colour: Colorless

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