Direct PCR Lysis Reagent 50ml (tail)

A variety of different inhibitors inherent to clinical and environmental samples can negatively impact the sensitivity and accuracy of a molecular assay. Conventionally, to overcome this, specimens undergo extraction and processing prior to testing. However, extraction technologies are not 100% efficient which can impact the amount of target nucleic acid available for testing, and some inhibitors can co-elute following purification and induce false-negative assay results.

In developing universal inhibitor tolerant qPCR and RT-qPCR mixes, a compromise is required to accommodate all of the different types of inhibitors, this reduces sensitivity of the quantitative PCR. Meridian has therefore developed sample specific inhibitor tolerant qPCR and RT-qPCR formulations, designed to be used for direct amplification from crude lysates or inhibitor-rich samples either from blood, saliva, urine or stool.

The ability of these mixes to tolerate the high level of PCR inhibitors present in these different sample types allows the development of simpler, faster multiplex qPCR assays that require minimal sample processing and fast turn-around times (TAT). This makes them ideal for liquid biopsy and point of care testing (POCT), where speed, sensitivity, and reproducibility are essential.

Rat Cholesterol ELISA ELISA
Goat Cholesterol ELISA ELISA
Mouse Cholesterol ELISA ELISA
Human Cholesterol ELISA ELISA
Sheep Cholesterol ELISA ELISA
Monkey Cholesterol ELISA ELISA
Canine Cholesterol ELISA ELISA
Rabbit Cholesterol ELISA ELISA
Bovine Cholesterol ELISA ELISA
Porcine Cholesterol ELISA ELISA

The mixes can be used as wet mixes or dried by lyophilization or air-drying, there are several advantages to this, including room temperature shipping and storage, extended shelf-life, and increased flexibility in the sample volume.


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