Cell Cycle FlowEx Kit

Product name

Cell Cycle Assay Kit (Fluorometric – Green)

Detection method: Fluorescent

Example type

Adherent cells, Cells in suspension

Species reactivity

Reacts with: Mammals, Other species

Product description

The Cell Cycle Assay Kit (Fluorometric – Green) (ab112116) is designed to monitor cell cycle progression and proliferation using our proprietary Nuclear Green CCS1 in living cells. The percentage of cells in a given sample that are in the G0 / G1, S, and G2 / M phases, as well as cells in the sub-G1 phase prior to apoptosis, can be determined by flow cytometry. Nuclear Green CCS1 stained cells can be monitored with a flow cytometer at Ex / Em = 490 nm / 520 nm (channel FL1).


Storage instructions

Store at -20 ° C.

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